Export ANSI C Code for embedded systems
Export the control from your simulation directly into ANSI C Code!
The advantages of exporting the ANSI C Code directly from the simulation are the ease with which you can create embedded software. Only hardware independent C code is exported in file-classes. These file-classes are included into the embedded software project, so for you as a Power Electronics engineer it is very easy to use!
Use file-classes to integrate your exported code into the final software project. A plain easy to use interface lets you interact your code with the software project.
Link the exported C Code via modeling language (For example, MS Visual-C) to your simulation. Use the debugger inside your compiler to optimize your design and get insight in the working of your models and algorithms.
Hardware independence
The file-classes only contain the C code for your models. All the code for interfacing with the hardware can be vendor dependent in your software project. The file-classes have an interface for making the links between the hardware dependent hardware and your exported code.
Simulation Research provides tools and services for the Power Electronics and Electrical Drives designer.
Modern design of a power electronics system is nowadays more and more verified by simulation. The circuit simulation itself is not satisfactory any more without proper system analysis and design.

Understanding the strength of different CAD tools and integrating them in the design process allows investigating more design aspects then only circuit simulation.

Typical power electronics system analyses consist of many aspects. These are, for example, parameters of magnetic actuators, parameters and precise models of semiconductor switches, electrical machine parameters, thermal effects, different control issues, packaging and parasitic effects as a result of different layout, to name a few. Designers are usually concentrating on one or more aspects, but the trend is clearly towards an integrated approach as shown above. A power electronics simulator is central in this case. The interaction and data exchange with different analysis and design tools is hereby necessary.
CASPOC, A Simulation Experience
Fast and Easy simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives with the multilevel simulation tool Caspoc.
Rapid Application Development Tool for Prototyping Electrical Machines. DC, BLDCM, Induction, Synchronous,
Switched Reluctance and Permanent Magnet Machines.
Parasitic inductance extraction Power Electronic designs.
Multi-Body Kinetic analysis
Field analysis software for electromagnetic and thermal analysis.
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