Small Signal Analysis for SMPS

Create your own models using ANSI C Code without an external compiler!
The advantages of the small signal modeling in Caspoc is that no averaged model is required!
The small signal analysis in Caspoc is of special interest if it is difficult, or impossible, to derive a small-signal model of a SMPS, as is the case with resonant converters, converters with current programmed control or Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM) converters. No extra averaged model is required, so that makes small signal analysis on existing simulations very easy to use!
The small-signal transfer functions are not only of interest between state variables in the power circuit, but should be calculated for the whole closed loop power converter, including the transfer functions between the control, power circuit and load or sources.
The method can also be applied for calculating network impedance's of SMPS, which are important when evaluating the stability of coupled SMPS. The new method is applicable to three phase AC and drive systems.
The new method is also applicable to AC converters.
We can apply the small signal analysis also to the following converters, systems and any combination of them:
DC converters, including resonant converters.
AC converters, single phase.
AC converters, three phase.
Drives and mechanical systems.
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