The advantages of CASPOC to other simulation programs are:
Animation of the electric circuit and the block diagram (see the current flow and animation of circuit components)
Robust simulation kernel for smps, no convergence problems. Flexible robust non-linear function solver added for modeling non-linear components
All signal results directly available during the simulation, mixing of circuit and block diagram signals
AC Small-signal analysis for every type of Switched mode power supply, even resonant converters!
Modeling language also for Microsoft Visual C.
Coupling to simulink.
Optimize your simulations using the Cscript language. Set parameters in your simulation and perform multiple simulations from the Cscript.
Block Expression where you can enter a complete function, for example, y=i1+sin(i2).
Block Cscript where you can enter some C code, which is interpreted. (to create state machines or model very complex models in C) The interpreted doesn't require a compiler, so it will be extremely handy to include some code in the model!
Improved user interface, with explorer like component and files selection.
Models for the bjt, diode, mosfet, igbt and heatsinks.
Direct link between the block-diagram and the circuit model, so you can solve algebraic loops.
Spice Diode model with spice .Model parameters.
Mosfet model with subset of the spice. Model parameters. Non-linear and temperature dependent.
Include a spice netlist, (subset).
C script to control your simulation.
Non-linear circuit elements.
State Event detection to identify the exact point in time of switching instants
Coupling to machine design tool Tesla.
Directly open files from the project manager.
Table editor for data files.
Temperature calculations for heatsinks coupled to semiconductors.
RMS and Average calculation on every trace in the scope.
Look up tables 1D, 2D and multi-dimensional!
New library blocks for control, machines, mechanical loads, etc.
Rotating of library blocks in the schematic.
AC voltage and current sources predefined.
Power electronics tools directly from the project manager.
Models for analog IC's like opamp and 555.
Export of embedded C code for microcontroller design.
Improved view of component lists.
Typecast block for creating Fixed Point simulations.
Report generator creates reports for all models in one directory. Automated running and report generation.
License manager and registration replaced the hardware dongle.
Fast simulation of Switched Mode Power Supplies without convergence problems
Special fast switch models for a Diode, SCR, GTO and semiconductor switches
Special block-diagram components for Power Electronics and Drive simulations such as DC-motor, induction machine, RMS, power-factor, harmonics and mechanical loads
Small signal analysis for switching converters based on the time domain model, no averaging is required
Libraries for modeling AC-vector drives, brushless AC drives, ab-dq transformations and mechanical loads
Modeling control algorithms or component behavior using C/Pascal in Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL)
Use the same control algorithm (C or Pascal) in your model and embedded software
Schematic editor for drawing your circuit, system and component models
Showing simulation results immediately during the simulation
Show not only the time-domain waveforms but also phasors and harmonics online during simulation
Interactive, parameter variations are immediately visible during the simulation on the screen
EMC testing, compare simulated harmonics against the IEC 1000-3 limit.
Many examples available in the area of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, so in many cases your problem is already modeled!
Animation of circuit components and block diagram components.
Automated HTML report generator (Internet publication suitable)
Extended block-set
More standard ideal circuit components, such as IGBT, Mosfet, Zener and Schotttky diode.
Easier editing of library models
Background color or bitmap for the schematic
New symbols for the block diagram components
Animated objects for displaying rotating and moving objects
Ready to use animated components such as; cars, meters, elevators, motors, arrows, transport belt, spindle, etc.
Animated block for lamps, keys and 7-segment display
Extended toolbar with new buttons for viewing and zooming
Black/White for presentation on printed matter
Coloring sets of components
Bitmap to identify library blocks
Animation of nodal voltages
Numerical presentation of voltages and block-signals during the simulation
Multiple simulations with varying parameters
Easy selection of library blocks from the listbox
Help per component
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