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CASPOC is a powerful, innovative system simulator designed for the simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. Using CASPOC, modeling power electronics, electrical machines, load and control in one multilevel model is fast and simple. This multilevel model includes a circuit level for the modeling of Switched Mode Power Supplies, a component level for the modeling of electrical machines / loads and a system level for the modeling of control algorithms.
Only CASPOC combines the ease of use of visual drag and drop schematic development, the productivity of modeling language, the power to view simulation results in 'real time' during the simulation in auto-scaling windows, and the world's fastest simulation performance with no convergence problems. CASPOC is the easiest to learn, easiest to use, high performance visual modeling and simulation package available on the market.
CASPOC is used in the design and simulation of complex power and control devices and systems such as: Rectifiers, DC Converters, AC Converters Resonant Converters, Power Engineering, Induction Machines, Vector Controls, Mechanics, Active Filters, Harmonics, DC Machines, Stepper Motors and more, used in such industries as: Aerospace, Automotive, Utility, Industrial, Transportation, Commercial Electronics and many more...
CASPOC...you can’t beat our speed!
Features of CASPOC, A Simulation Experience!
Simulation of Boost Power Factor Correction
CASPOC, A Simulation Experience!
Replay of the simulation results for failure modes and further investigation. Any point in time can be traced back and the state of the simulation on that point in time can be observed, included the animation, signals and state animation inside hierarchical models
Animation of the full current path
Animated symbols on custom library blocks
Drawing of mechanical system, rotating and translating. Shafts, gearboxes, springs, bearings
Improved library of electrical machine models
Easier setting of parameters for all components
Extended library blocks for power electronics and drive systems
Interface with Data Acquisition board
Interface with FEM programs like Ansys
Export of the C code from the control in the block diagram
Optimized C code export, independent use on any type of microcontroller or DSP
C code export for the fixed point TI QMATH Library
Export of Spice netlist from a part of the schematic to perform a detailed spice simulation based on initial conditions calculated in Caspoc.
Add notes and background bitmaps to your schematic.
Math blocks for any function evaluation
Multiplexing signals
Create scripts to run Caspoc in Batch mode
Parameter sweep for any component parameter
Bode diagram for any system to identify stability, impedance and audio susceptibility. Obtain the Gain/Phase margin, bandwidth for any type of power electronics, no averaging models are required.
Animation of the contents of the hierarchical library blocks during simulation
Project management data can be stored with the simulation project
Archive function to archive the entire project with one click
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